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Mandy - Season 2 (BBC)

Diane Morgan has been busy of late, not least because of the BBC comedy performers roundabout that seems to use the same actors for a host of different projects. Not only does she have her own second season of Mandy currently playing on BBC iPlayer, but also supports Ricky Gervais in the new Season of After Life, released on Netflix only yesterday. In addition to these, we can see her in every season of Motherland on BBC2 and had a more notable than most performance on Netflix's Death to 2021.

Written by Morgan, each of these fifteen minute episodes is a little slice of comedy gold, as we follow the socially awkward and repellent Mandy in each of her temporary jobs and regular visits to the jobcentre. Morgan's portrayal of Mandy is now so complete in my minds eye, that seeing her in anything else makes me wonder why Mandy isn't as much of a cringeworthy affront to our sensibilities as usual, only then realising that she isn't playing Mandy in that particular show.

This new season is just as well observed as the previous one, and the rest of the cast are back to support just as ably. Morgan is eminently watchable of course and I am left completing this hoping that the BBC pick it up for at least another round of Mandy-mania. How can they not?

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