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Marlowe (2022)

Behold and witness Liam Neeson's latest stab at freeing himself out of the hole he's dug himself into. Can't be an action movie star forever, am I right?

So, to Neil Jordan's more sedate Marlow, private detective. Here, Neeson plods about, amiably looking for clues to solve the disappearance of the lover of rich society darling Claire Cavendish (Diane Kruger). There you go. It only took a minute or two to impart that, so why did the film feel so interminably long?

The production design is gorgeous and you can wallow in that whilst the often aggravating script and needless exposition washes over you. The performances are not at all bad, but Neeson clearly looks like he's still missing a gun and someone to chase after. Kruger is authentic enough to make you believe she was born in the wrong era, the way she moves and carries herself alone suggests rude wealth, as does her mother, the always watchable Jessica Lange.

Ultimately, with all of the talent on display, this requires more patience than Job could muster. Too long by a good half an hour and missing any real tension or thrills to force your eyes open. This is not Raymond Chandler's vision of a hard-boiled Los Angeles investigator, by some degree, so you will be disappointed if that's what you turned up for.

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