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Mayfair Witches (Season One) - AMC+

Okay okay, it's all a bit silly, but really I can't help loving Anne Rice's approach to the supernatural. She manages to give the romance, glamour and submission of the forbidden much more than than the likes of Stephanie Meyers etc. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire was my first introduction to her work and whilst I have never been an avid reader of her books, her ability to convey a mood is exemplary, even when it is patently pompous and ridiculous.

Interview With The Vampire was glorious enough to make you actually want to be a vampire, even with all of the potential pitfalls. The cast may have gone some way to suggesting this, but the breathless immortality would make my head spin on its first viewing.

Here Daddario, in the first thing I've seen her do since the first season of Mike White's The White Lotus, excels in her role of oblivious chosen one, the chief descendant of a family of witches that starts to realise that there is more to her existence than she at first thought. I mean, she already looks like a witch with those impossible eyes. Casting must have been easy.

The plot is daft as a brush, of course, but I have been thoroughly enjoying it nonetheless. There are some strong performances and nothing that would stretch the sensibilities of the frail and easily offended. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a little murder, right? Recommended for fans of Rice's work particularly, but even then, plant your tongue firmly in your cheek.

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