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Migration (2023)

There's simply no way that I should have been as entertained by this as I was. The story of a family of animated ducks migrating to Jamaica, via New York City etc, as told a la Illumination, made me smile throughout.

There could be many reasons for this, but I was warmed by the family values and the notable nods to parenthood, not to mention the voice talents of the cast and the punchy script. Having watched Disney's Wish earlier today, you cannot help but be relieved that Illumination are still making a fist of it, even after the more recently questionable 'Despicable' efforts.

Likely a more helpless reminder to Rio, in its origins, this has the company's signature wry eye and superlative direction in even the smallest details. The visuals are a real treat, particularly in the actions scenes, always vivid and seemingly anarchic, it fails to miss a beat and the colour palette will be as enticing for the kids as the story will be appreciated by the grown-ups no doubt sitting nearby.

If we were to be overly critical, I might cite the now rather predictabable penchant for making the father of the family mostly, if not completely, hapless yet still with the best intentions, and the mother much more wisened, self-sufficient and patient, for a husband and father to her children that she perserveres with, rather than respects, because of his many highlighted shortcomings. If you can overlook this (as I'm sure the kids you're watching it with will) then it isn't going to spoil your time in the company of this delightful family of mallards.

In the past, I have often found Illumination's catalogue to be a little tiresome and farcical on average and cinema visits with little ones was a trial to quietly nod off to, but Migration was worth staying awake for and whilst it is far from perfect, there is no greater compliment that I can give it.

Now , if someone can just pass me the Hoisin Sauce, that would be lovely...


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