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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

Is still confuses me and I remain unconvinced that Tom Cruise hasn't, in fact, been replaced by either an alien or a robot not too long after the first of this franchise arrived.

I mean, he has no business being this physically unfathomable at his age. He wore me out here and I was just watching him, intermittently whoop-whooping and eating too many cheesy snacks. The man is a marvel, it can't be denied.

With a new, somewhat timely, antagonist in the form of a faceless AI that wants to take over the world (I assume), it's fair to say Ethan Hunt and chums have alot on their respective plates and McQuarrie does a perfectly good job bringing it to our collective greedy eyeballs.

This is 'blockbuster' in the most honest of descriptions, so if you ever wanted to be literally blown away by what you're watching, this is as good an example as any, really.

Whilst far from subtle, I would be prepared to level the same criticism here as I delivered to Top Gun: Maverick - that being that Cruise knows all too well what works and if you can sit through the often nonsensical plot, lack of character development, an absence of any real humour and over the top exposition which alludes to unbelievable wheels within wheels of mysterious espionage, then this works very well.

You won't be taxed, cognitively, but nobody wants their blockbusters to be challenging, do they?


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