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Moon Garden (2022)

Whilst I greatly admired the film-making vision going on here, I do have at least one beef; being the central premise that this five-year-old's coma would contain such a cornucopia of visual splendour and ugliness.

Director's daughter Haven Lee Harris plays the part of the young girl, travelling through her subconscious to make her way back to reality so well, as to depress all other child actors. Given the obvious limitations, this performance was next to amazing.

She benefits greatly from the visual creativity of the director and writer Ryan Stevens Harris who should be applauded for his commitment of alarming creativity. Unusual and artistic in extremis, this is not for the masses or the faint of heart.

At just over ninety minutes, Harris crams alot into his running time. I kept getting Labyrinth vibes as Jennifer Connelly traversed the Goblin Kingdom trying to avoid David Bowie, such were the wonders and horrors we were, like here, presented with. If Alice went to Wonderland but had a bad trip.

Overall, this was a visual treat with imaginative artistic flexing from Harris whose career thus far has largely been as an Editor for others as opposed to Writer/Director on many projects you will have seen. This proves he has more than enough smarts to deliver an impressive project which, while clearly budget-conscious, is streets better than it really has any right to be.


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