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Morbius (2022)

With regard to the film, I feel like I've felt this before. It was watching Venom for the first time (and I have watched Venom more times than any other Marvel movie thus far), but Morbius distinctly lacks the humour of Tom Hardy's original adventure, but is no less for it, replacing this with a darker premise leaning, some would say obviously, toward the Dark Knight, more nihilistic than The Batman yet less comical than Colin Farrell's performance in it.

Despite Jared Leto's choice of roles, he remains one of the most formidable actors of his generation and as such is underused here as protagonist. Matt Smith, on the other hand, does himself no harm at all playing the movies 'baddie'.

It's cool and I don't mean de rigeur, just lacking warmth, but it never pretends to be anything more than that and scoring a movie on what you expect to see and what actually is offered is just plain wrong. You can not like it because it doesn't meet your expectations, but that doesn't make it a bad film, only a bad review if you display your inability to know and express the difference.

As an origin story, this does just fine but its unfortunate that this may well be killed off before it really has the chance to get going. There is talk of a sequel as early as June 2023, which goes some way to amplify the point about reviewers opinions maybe lacking the gumption and validity they would like. Money talks, essentially, and like any other superhero movie, if it makes enough folding dollar, the rest will do itself, and hang professional opinion (or those sheep that follow them) in favour of simple entertainment value.

If we're brutal, it's probably overlong for what it's trying to tell us and furthermore, not entirely original. This is formulaic stuff, to be sure, but arguably there is a good reason that it is. This works more often than not and I feel it worked here too, just about. I, like you I imagine, have seen much, much worse.


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