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Mother/Android (2021)

A good walk ruined.

An enforced road movie with a young couple on their way to Boston. She is nine-months pregnant and not sure if this relationship has any future. Less so, if you then go throwing the nonsensical and largely unsubstantiated android revolution going on and the subsequent escape/chase cycle they become the unfortunate victims of on their travels.

Come With Me if you Want to Live.

Honestly, I'm yet to be convinced that I do - would be my answer, if it meant living out the rest of my days in such a dystopian future. I mean fuck me, yomping through forests, living hand to mouth temporarily in dilapidated hovels, where nothing happens from day to day, apart from the occasional threat of impending death by Terminator? Fuck me, this is seriously dull.

And no, I do not mean tense. I mean dull. Morentz is a way better actor than this and it shows in the rest of the cast who are honestly probably more suited here.

Largely pedestrian with an ill-conceived and thoughtlessly delivered story which had genuine promise that does little to entertain or engage its audience, asking instead for it to be patient for little or no payoff.

Not really worth your time.


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