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Mothers' Instinct (2024)

For a good reason, no doubt, but surprisingly still no release date for the US for this remake of the French original, Duelles, from 2018. Not the first time Hathaway and Chastain have worked on the same project, but certainly the first time they have shared a scene or two. Here, they also share production credits.

No such issue for us in the UK however, where this has been available since March this year. Two women, both friends and neighbours find their relationship challenged following a terrible tragedy. This is sobering subject matter and certainly benefits from the inclusion of two such inarguable acting heavweights.

It zips along at maybe too quick a pace to really get your teeth into, weighing in at just over ninety minutes, but it's still long enough to appreciate the performances, which are very good. All the more of a shame that this will, currently at least, go largely unnoticed by its no doubt originally intended audience.

Not as obvious as it may first appear, there are layers, albeit limited, at work here and the tone shifts as the fallout of the tragedy manifests itself, but maybe not to the extent you would expect and it fails to reach the height of bonafide thriller, despite the Hitchcockian comparisons, which is really doesn't deserve.

Intriguing if not quite the edge of the seat that they were really going for, but defintely worth a viewing, assuming you can get your hands on a copy, y'all.


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