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Nefarious (2023)

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"On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own."

This pushes all of my buttons. to be honest. Theology, philosophy and an intelligent back and forth between two main characters, trying to get their own point across and failing to convince the other that what they believe is right. There is little here that strays too far from the cinematic Western mainstream, religiously, which would have brought up too many hurdles to get over before getting to the gravy here.

That isn't to say that this doesn't shoulder-barge its way into your attention, and some of the conversations are inciteful, depending on your point of view. Neither is it dour or preachy, choosing to question those beliefs of faith and the ruination of humanity at the slow, inevitable demise of itself in such an entertaining and fresh way, as to make those interested in the subject matter sit up and take notice.

Surprisingly snappy two-hander (for the most part) starring Sean Patrick Flanery, as the alleged titular demon locked up on death row and the doctor (Jordan Belfi) tasked with deciding whether this murderer is what he claims to be, or just fully-loaded loco.

Certainly religious in overtone, the performances and the script are what make this practically chewable for anyone with half an interest in Theology. Much, much better than I expected and recommended for those with patience and wherewithal to appreciate it.


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