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No Exit (2022)

I was reminded repeatedly of Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' to begin with, a collected ensemble assembled for the purposes of smart, bubbling, posturing chit-chat that ramped up the tension over time to its inevitable bloody conclusion. No Exit is not vastly different, with a group of players stuck in the middle of a blizzard, thrown together in a type of community centre in the middle of nowhere. Tarantino's writing is leaps and bounds above this, of course, but the premise is the same. Someone is guilty, and the hero needs to find out who, then save the victims and get out in one piece.

Like that effort, you may not find any of the characters palatable enough to cheer for but after a ropey, straight to DVD future, this will benefit from a greater audience promoted directly on Disney+. It's not that all the characters are unlikeable, but instead not as fully rounded as we would like. Without Disney's platform, this would have achieved ignominy much sooner otherwise. That much is certain, regardless of where it pops its head up for us to shoot at it.

Lacking real originality and engagement, this is on a hiding to nothing even early on and follows a discernible, albeit nonsensical, plot with characters ultimately unbelievable or out of character for the little that they had been developed. The cast are more than capable of pulling this off and there really isn't weak link amongst them, but the story is not amplified sufficiently by the tension that often feels lacking, despite its predictable twists and turns.


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