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No Hard Feelings (2023)

There's a now often re-tweeted/posted gif of Jennifer Lawrence on the Graham Norton Show famously giving the finger, whilst saying 'Fuck You!' And this is where I think she is now. Switch the genders and this is rife with woke uproar. Even this version raised a few eyebrows in communities all too easily offended.

Lawrence proudly doesn't give a shit what you think, which makes this all the more satisfying and refreshing. Perhaps in this day and age, it shouldn't work, but this is proof positive that it still does, thank God.

Maybe not as laugh out loud funny as it might have been, nor as downright rude as the rating may hint at, but it still definitely has its moments, but this bravely winds back the clock on a genre all too sorely missed of late. R rated comedies are few and far between, but not for long, I imagine, largely thanks to this.

Taking Executive Producer credits, Lawrence is on the back of a new production company and her choices have broadened exponentially, so to say that she needed to do this is so far from the mark as to be nearly as funny as the film itself. If anything, it seems like Lawrence is spreading wings that have never been so wide and the masses will love her for it.

Doing what you love and what you think you should are two very disparate things normally, but it looks like Lawrence has married the two with seemingly little effort here, even if the response was not without potential risk. Worth the trouble without doubt, though it may not be the funniest thing you'll see all year. The film gets an extra star for its balls, nonetheless.

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