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Nobody (2021)

You have to admire Bob Odenkirk's efforts to get under the skin of all middle-aged white men in the midst of a mid-life crisis, but really, do we need another John Wick?

As funny as it is ridiculous, which is to say only a hint of each, this is predictable, formulaic stuff and if anything, Odenkirk is cast as suitably here as you might imagine, being the surprise that he is in regards to his back story. Daft though it may be, at least Keanu Reeves looked the part of a super-assassin forced out of retirement.

Lack of believability may have served this character well so far, so unlikely is it that our lead could pull this off, which I'm not sure he ever truly does.

It's certainly entertaining but the premise would demand it really and it would be failure of monumental proportions if it didn't. John Wick does it more stylishly with heaps more irony and humour and I keep referring to this as it is the closest to what we are offered here. The inevitable final act gun-fest does show real promise, but it doesn't quite make up for the by-the-numbers predictability that has gone before.

Watchable, like I say, but only as much as it is forgettable really. Shout out for Michael Ironside, for once not actually playing to type.

Christopher Lloyd is excellent, by the way, as the Nursing Home lunatic grandad on the quiet.


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