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Pantheon (AMC+)

To be honest, when I saw this coming, I knew immediately that it would tick all my boxes.

"A young woman begins receiving messages from an unknown number that claims to be her deceased father. Trying to uncover the truth, she stumbles upon a larger conspiracy involving the singularity." Dorky hardcore sci-fi in cartoon form. Starring, amongst others, Paul Dano, William Hurt, Aaron Eckhart and Taylor Schilling. Not short of talent then? So really, as far as I'm concerned, does it look good and can I buy into the science fiction? It already had me by the unmentionables, after all. It had me at hello, if I'm honest.

Well, two episodes in and it's safe to say firstly that it's not definitely not for children. This doesn't mean that it's ultraviolent or even sexually overt, but it is unapologetically complicated in its science and the fiction that surrounds it. Also, it is quite dark. It features a technical behemoth corporation doing stuff that it would much rather the public knew nothing about, as its pursuit of its goals has some grisly consequences in order to achieve them.

If you've ever stopped and thought about all of the things that governments will not allow companies to do on the grounds of moral or religious outrage, but you kind of expect someone, somewhere to be doing exactly that anyway, well you're not alone in your suspicions if Pantheon is anything to go by.

Suffice to say this has started strongly, but once the reveal landed by the end of the second episode, I am left wondering where they are going to go next. The revelation already witnessed would be jaw-dropping if anything close to real life, so who knows what's coming? Kind of the fun.

It's an acquired taste and arguable niche, but check out the trailer below and see if it bites you.


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