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Piggy (2022)

It's been a long time since I was that age, but are teenagers really that repellent these days? I know children can be cruel, but still...

I don't think I could ever be classed either as perpetrator or victim in my childhood, having little to do with either it seems, so it strikes me immediately that the reality of the premise is fundamentally flawed, to these eyes at least. The 'Carrie'/Spacek vibes that were uppermost at the outset were obvious, if only for different reasons. Evil people are evil.

Immediately, you realise you are dealing with more than a handful of talent here. Laura Galán is incredible as Sara. Even within the first fifteen minutes, I really wanted to give her a massive hug and tell her everything would be okay. 'Engaging' was not descriptive enough a word for her performance, particularly at the outset.

It dragged on maybe longer than it should have in a second act that really just wandered about, not knowing what to do with itself, and convincing nobody of anything else. A lot of the exposition was obvious, unnecessary or just plain dumb (lost in translation maybe?), which often was the catalyst for rolling eyeballs.

As time goes on, the endearing qualities of Sara come into question. There may well be a conversation due here on body-shaming, but nonetheless, revenge is always the same, and as satisfying here as anywhere else. A great effort, let down somewhat by a ropey, wandering middle third, but the denouement goes some way to bringing it back up to average overall.


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