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Poker Face (2022)

If we were treat this movie review business like a high-diving competition, you'd take off the worst score and the best one and work out an average of the rest. If you did, then this would come out somewhere in the middle, as it has been polarising for my peers. Some loved it, others, well, less so.

I had a pretty good time all told from Crowe's second directorial effort. It wasn't too taxing, which was a concern before sitting down. Granted it lacks a certain amount of gravitas, the script is a bit ropey and the plot suitably ridiculous but the performances by the main players keep its head above water for the most part and by a very poignant close, it was exactly what that high-diving score would have given. About average.

You don't have to love Russell Crowe, but it certainly helps. Personally I can take him or leave him, so not exactly your classic fan, but without a hint of irony, you still have to call him a heavyweight, in the best sense.

As mentioned, this is far from complicated, so you're safe (and advised really) to leave your brains at the door. Given the name, you'd expect probably a bit more Casino Royale tension, but the card-playing is mostly lacking, used as a front for a grand plan from a dying billionaire.

Worth a watch certainly, but if you're like me, you won't feel too disappointed that you didn't hurry to watch it at the cost of something else.


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