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Project X (2012)

Maybe I'm just getting old, but first up, Risky Business this isn't. It's not even up there with Superbad or The Hangover, or come to that, Weird Science, or Ferris Bueller or even Encino Man. What does this tell you? There are alot of movies like this and most of them are better. The only thing that distinguishes this from all of the above, apart from the obvious things, like script, plot and talent etc is that the film employs a handheld camera as a prop. In this effort, the camera is used to film the events of the party that is being held to celebrate Thomas' birthday celebrations.

As you can see, this plot is now a well thumbed teenage cringe manual. In order to become more popular at school, three friends decide to take advantage of Thomas' parents weekend away on the event of his birthday (what great, loving parenting this displays).

The biggest question is just who the hell really wants to see this inane, gratuitous nonsense? It can only be assumed that the primary demographic are those kids that would actually sell their own handmade motherboards and their as yet unopened Star Wars action figures just to get an invite to the party that the rest of us would rather leave the country to avoid, rather than attend.

That doesn't make us grumpy, just sensible. If you're thirteen, wishing you were seventeen, then this might just be up your street. If you think, albeit naively, that this is what happens when you're seventeen, then you have something of a rude awakening hurtling your way. This is the movies after all, ramped up to eleven and dumping the viewer in the middle of every parent's nightmare.

Forget the fact that we don't understand it, because we just don't like it, or we're just too old, but stop and think (if you can) for just a moment and ask yourself what this brings to a genre that once saw the likes of Animal House and Porky's. Yes, we were teenagers too a long time ago and we did this better than you did. This is the basest of comedy with the thinnest of characters, the barest of plots and the closest thing to ad-libbing ever to be actually found in a script. It all but beggars belief that they just didn't actually film a party, without the pretence of filming a movie. It is all round awful and fails at even the most simple requests of its viewer. It tries a moral message and fails, it tries to ingratiate its characters and fails, it tries to show you a good time. And fails. This comes off as seedy, lurid and just not funny.

Right, not wasting any more time on this. Move along, there's nothing else to see here.....


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