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Red Notice (2021)

I've read unhealthy levels of negativity about this from people who should really know better. If you don't know what you're getting from this before you even sit down to watch it, then you don't really have much authority to pass comment. Red Notice is upfront, no-nonsense Uncharted adventuring that Nathan Drake would be proud of. Just because it's a cliché and predictable doesn't stop this from being immense fun. No matter what the film school graduates tell you.

I didn't think I was going to like Jungle Cruise, Johnson's most recent foray into blockbuster derring-do, but was very pleasantly surprised by his contribution that went beyond just muscle, with timing and delivery that any half decent comedian would be proud of and whilst there isn't quite the heightened levels of sarcasm from him emanating here, Reynold more than makes up for this. To be fair, this is more his thing and he is inevitably a bit better at it.

The story of elite heists and superstar thieves stealing from each other would be hard to appreciate without the characters required to flesh out what is essentially an exercise in finding out just how much money Netflix is willing to spend to get your attention.

Granted this isn't very deep or even challenging for that matter, but it still delivers what those that turn it on are here to see, and not just those that do so to find an new axe to grind.

The addition of Gal Gadot is just demanding enough to satisfy the required levels of carefully crafted misogyny without actually being openly offensive, ensuring that the #metoo crowd can have just as much as the rest of us. Bishop is smart as well as sexy, and from what we see on screen, the former seems to be what has got her to where she is, even if what we don't see may be different in a reality that isn't really allowed to speak its name any more.

In summary, this is great fun, with a better script than naysayers would have you believe, where Reynolds get most of the best lines. What would at first seems to be an unlikely trio of stars ends up being quite formidable for the purposes of entertainment. But that is all it is. Entertaining. Isn't that what you turned it on for?


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