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Retribution (2023)

Isn't it about time Liam just calmed down? I thought he'd got the message when he played Marlowe, a much more sedate adventure than what we're offered here.

Back up to his old tricks again with fast cars and big explosions. Tut tut. Sit down old man, you've earnt the rest.

Whilst the premise may first seem like a clone or a rip-off of Speed, it's actually more akin to Phone Booth, where a mysterious caller is pulling the strings, making him carry out all manner of shenanigans to get hold of his offshore bank account. His kids are roped into this by accident and become unwittingly complicit in all the horrible ghastliness, purely by accident.

It's enough of a rollercoaster to make it worthwhile sitting through, but let's not be naïve enough to expect high art. It sneaks over ninety minutes, but only just, and even then it is a little laborious which is surprising given the simple premise and all action plot.

The performances are fine but Liam Neeson can do this in his sleep by now, so there won't be too much frothing from me about his work here. Whilst it's not as complicated or clever as Phone Booth, it still entertains for the most part, but as I say, you won't see this so much as mentioned as awards season hits town.

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