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Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)

Fun, pretty non-argument about the dangers of technology and the importance of friendship. Messages that every parent would want their children to understand, if they would just look up from their mobile phones for a second.

"It's Mad Max vs Sesame Street, livestreaming!"

Not quite as funny as we would like and where that's missing, the makers have added a little too much cheesy cliché to stop it from being overly sappy.

Not designed for me, of course, I do wonder about its demographic, as teenagers will not have much to be left in awe about here, so can only assume this may be directed at those kids under 12 that, arguably, is where the real message should be getting through to.

I don't think the regular 11-year-old will glean much from this, even in the event that they are lonely and need to widen their social circle, though it will make them smile on occasion.

Harmless and mostly forgettable with pretty pictures.

Not enough to be memorable these days.


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