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Run (2020)

Considering how well she comes across in interviews, Sarah Paulson's on screen presence continues to unnerve me. After her numerous stints on the long running American Horror Story and her stab at Nurse Ratchet, no to mention many others, this performance of an overbearing mother to a disabled, teenage daughter is the epitome of cloying, grasping motherhood.

And by turns, Kiera Allen's performance as daughter Chloe is outstanding. Allen, being the first actual disabled wheelchair actor to star in a major thriller for seventy-plus years, the two of them played off each other exquisitely and having a bonafide disabled actor for the role clearly worked very well, authenticity-wise.

This is all very chewably Hitchcockian, even as far as the urgent strings in the score, underlying the palpable tension throughout. This is a notched up engaging affair that you don't want to look away from which gets more and more engaging as time goes on.

Great stuff from everyone involved, topped off by two hugely powerful lead performances.



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