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Russian Doll - Season Two (Netflix)

Natasha Lyonne stars (again) as the undeniably provocative and engaging Nadia Vulvokov as she escapes the frying pan of a repeating Groundhog Day to jump into the fire that is subway time-travel. Clearly, the universe is fucking with her.

Having really enjoyed the first series as many did, Lyonne comes across as the saviour of the show by the looks of it. She works her way through this like someone is literally blowing smoke up her rear end. This 'what the fuck, give a fuck' attitude seems to work for Nadia and you can imagine Lyonne is so cherished because you really can't see anybody else realistically pulling this off. It's purposefully disjointed, irreverent and at times, tiresome, but overall, this still works, though I wonder now we've all seen the magic, whether this fairy dust will wear off before a decision on season three is made.


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