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Secret Invasion - Disney+

Like entering any toilet my eldest son has just vacated, I thought I'd just leave it a minute until the worst of any potential experience has subsided. Always seemed like an idea well founded.

So this is what the months of fanfare was all about then? A bolted-on Marvel side-story about how Nick Fury fought off the aliens trying to take over the planet. Add Ben Mendelson, Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman (easily the best thing about this whole debacle) and you have a living, breathing example that money does not a sure-fire hit make. By the time of writing, we are now four episodes into what has so far turned out personally to be, frankly, a tiresome waste of time.

Now I'm not a big fan of Marvel and less of superheroes in general, but this project goes some way to proving that Jackson really does need his buddies to hold his hand if he's trying to pull this off, unlike Loki, which fared much better, even if it was still still almost criminally blatant in its pandering. Sometimes my self-imposed role is a treat. More often at others, like this, more of a chore.

Exposition heavy with mostly under-developed character arcs, even by those most featured, frustrates and by turns, annoys. Don Cheadle does shine and delivers probably what are the best lines which is surprising, given the amount of clout and risk Jackson is dealing with here. It just seems we are still in the Feige dream that Marvel can do anything and get away with it, despite some very real indicators in only the last year that he is frighteningly wrong. Over-confidence is only entertaining when the viewers can personally witness your abject failure, after all. Recently, we have been well-served in this regard.

Here's hoping that this gets better, and quickly, as I really do want to give a shit.


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