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See How They Run (2022)

You have to admire Sam Rockwell, he likes what he does and he does what he likes. This practically marketing free pearl from Tom George has been received pretty much everywhere as an understated success.

Whodunnits are de rigeur these days thanks to Knives Out, amongst others and this merry, decidedly deadly jaunt back to fifties London is littered with a rare ensemble of recognised and lauded talent. Not least Rockwell himself, but Saiorse Ronan, Adrien Brody and Harris Dickinson to name only a few.

Featuring the stage play of 'The Mousetrap' for its backstory and the plan to turn this (still) hugely successful play into a moving motion picture, no less. All seems to be going well until, oh no, somebody relevant to the plot dies in some might say a most nefarious fashion. How utterly inconvenient.

Rockwell plays a worn and jaded Inspector and in tow an enthusiastic new Constable in the shape of Ronan, who is as eager as she is both socially awkward and and obliviously hilarious.

The writing is admirably colloquial and harbours little succour for those not from our Sceptered Isle, despite the major players hailing from elsewhere. The mood stems from Agatha Christie's inspiration. so even if you've never seen the aforementioned play, you will most likely be familiar with Christie's murder by jolly hockey stick approach to stiff upper-lipped conviviality.

Support is really the giveaway going in with the likes of Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen), Charlie Cooper (This Country), Sian Clifford (Fleabag) and Tim Key (Peep Show) all there to provide reliably understated comedic support. Some more than others. Altogether it displays an enviable cast list which becomes a collection of parts slightly greater than its sum.

Fun, undoubtedly, to watch and create, I shouldn't wonder, but there is only a limited amount of palpable tension you can hope to create in a murder mystery when it appears that everyone is doing it just for laughs.

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