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Senior Year (2022)

When high school cheerleader, sorry, Captain, Angourie Rice wakes up after a twenty year coma as Rebel Wilson, she immediately (and against all coherent medical advice, I imagine) returns to school to complete her final year.

Cue the opportunities for chortles unconfined as the twenty year gap makes its presence felt. So, jokes about mobile phones, words you can no longer utter in polite company and the apparent importance of followers on Instagram if you want to be popular in this day and age.

A neat idea made cringingly horrible by a humourless performance from Wilson who may well have been trying to make an ironic comment about her weight loss and the effect on her own popularity, but this just comes off as unsavoury and backward.

She may be on a fantastic journey in her own real life that this is imitating and I hope she achieves all of her goals, but she has got some way to go if she imagines that Angourie Rice will resemble her in any way in two decades, unless she is also dropped on her head from a great height.

Awkward and embarrassing with a great soundtrack if you're of a certain age. I just get the impression that she really, REALLY wanted to star in Bring It On but never got the chance at the time.

One for the soccer moms that just won't let it lie, really.

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