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Severance (2022) (Apple+)

Apple have been getting a reputation for thought-provoking drama that is slightly outside the box both in television series' and its feature films. Here Adam Scott takes the lead role in a mystery-thriller drama series that really highlights the two kinds of people we could all become. One at work and one out of it.

Ably supported by a really great cast, Christopher Walken, John Turturro and not least Patricia Arquette, this mega-corporate bashing head-scratcher poses an intriguing premise. What if you could go to work every day and forget your whole life outside those eight hours a day, but when you leave work, you cannot remember a thing about each and every working day? Splitting their employees personalities literally in two, super secret company Lumon clearly has a secret to hide, which ex=employee and recently 'unplugged' Petey is at pains to point out to Mark (Scott) whenever he get the chance in the 'real' world.

Only three episodes into the first season which gets progressively more compulsive and elusive as time goes on, I am looking forward to the rest of this and the secrets that hopefully spill out of it.


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