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Shorts Round-Up #1 - June 23

The first of a probably intermittent series that will come and go, inspired by the release of the latest Black Mirror season of shorts, so I decided to look a little further when Charlie Brooker failed to satiate this particular palate.

CTRL Z (2017) ****

Loved it. The best of the DUST collection I've seen so far. Performed admirably with a genuinely interesting idea at its core. Stuff this cheap really has no right to be this engaging.

Nano (2017) **.5

Brief and innovative, much like the genre in which it sits, Won't set the world alight at any stage but if you've got the time, it worth a once over.

Oceanus: Act One (2015) **.5

Nice and short, with decent performances and a simple premise. If I say I was genuinely disappointed as it ended because I can't get my hands on Part 2, then that probably says enough. None too shabby, overall, but far from great.

Holy Moses (2018) ***

Metaphysical short about a pregnant nun in sixties Ireland, a cow and what I can assume is her son (hopefully) twenty-five years later, working in a gas station in Texas, starring Amanda Seyfried. Bizarre and theologically head-scratching, really.

The Chair (2022) **

Unfortunately, this short is alarmingly over-acted due to some questionable direction and given this is a horror mystery about a piece of furniture, it isn't chock full of scares either. Would it be too much of stretch to call it 'wooden'?

The Fabric (2018) ***.5

Intriguing sci-fi and full of thought-provoking questions with some excellent performances, all wrapped in a well directed short under twenty minutes. Would have liked to have seen this extended maybe to an hour, if I had my way.


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