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Sick (2022)

A week on the big screen and then straight onto Peacock, of all places. To be perfectly honest, one of the better COVID-related (was going to say inspired, but that's not really true, more it benefits unashamedly from raked-up recently forgotten paranoia) stories. Looking back through the five-time vaccinated eyes of 2023, some of the behaviours on show seem antiquated even in such a short space of time.

While the timeframe may be contemporary to an extent, its ideas and execution is really not. No less fun if you can see it coming but still don't know how, however. It will come as no surprise to anyone with a passing interest in horror that this stems from, is inspired and created by the makers of Scream (stand up and be counted Kevin Williamson and Katelyn Crabb) and Directed by John Hyams. So close, in fact, that add a Scream mask and you're pretty much there already.

Now you know me, I'm not the biggest slasher fan or lover of mass-produced innovation-free, imagineless killing for killing's sake. It's always something of a red flag, putting profit before plot. This goes some way to addressing such a concern, just unfortunately not all the way. Every home invasion needs a reason, even Scream had them to an extent, spurious though they may be. This takes more than an hour to get to it and by the time it arrives, we're as good as done and less than satisfied for the inspiration of such darkly finite compulsion.

Overall, it breaks about as much new ground as a burrowing puff-adder, it fails to bring anything new to the slasher genre that hasn't been seen literally dozens of times before, yet it is still engaging enough to sit through from beginning to end (maybe because the end comes so quickly, who can say?).


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