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Sin Eater (2022)

The second film in as many days about severe dental weirdness. Here Jessie Nerud plays the unfortunate victim of an avoidable car accident that leaves her requiring a mechanical mouthpiece, assuming that without it her face would collapse in a heap of blood, lips, gums and flesh.

Nice eh? Well good on her for putting up with the prosthetic gob-filler for the entire film. I'm not sure I would have had the patience for it, no matter how badly I needed the part. It's unfortunate that the best actor in the film is hampered by not being to speak clearly for the majority of its runtime.

The rest of the cast are bit too wooden and scenes without Nerud in them are bearable, but only just. You should not be expecting high-drama or superlative performances as you literally won't get any of either. The direction is uninspired and predictable. Being trapped in this small town is not advised, but probably for reasons you're not expecting.

Winner of the Best Score award at the Paris Play Film Festival, this is noticeable by it being largely absent, but when Bellavia's music does make its intermittent entrances, it actually elevates the film by a discernible degree.

Beside a couple of nightmares, which are far from convincing, nothing of any real note really happens in the first forty minutes and given that it's done and out of here in under an hour and a half, it still manages to drag on needlessly. One only for either enthusiasts or completionists, really.

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