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Somebody I Used to Know (2023)

As much as I love Alison Brie, this hometown return rom-com is a bit of a stretch. I think she knows that the largest demographic of her audience is young males, so appealing to an audience that is largely populated still by women and gay men is maybe asking too much.

Playing the part of a big city TV producer (not pulling that off, really) whose latest trite reality show has been cancelled means the rare visit to see Mom becomes a genuine opportunity, seeing as she will get the love she needs in an environment that is far removed from the harsh, ritual decapitation of the City of Angels.

When she bumps into her old flame, fires start to become stoked, but her intentions are curtailed (just like the visit to spend time with Mom) as she learns her target is all but unavailable. What follows is as predictable as the blood trail of a recently murdered corpse as our ultimately selfish and needy lead outstays her welcome in an attempt to make her worthy to the audience. She would have fared better just staying in with Mom.

As innocent as she looks, she still doesn't have the chops required to pull off this otherwise focused woman, clearly with her claws out to catch her prey. For me, the issue is more with the writing and direction than the performances as most of these are fine, Not great, but meh. (Casting department, I'm looking at you)

Plotting is eyebrow-raisingly curious and the story is believable in the sense that if you go straight from A-Z without stopping at all of the other letters in between, it works. B-Y proves otherwise, however.

As I say, I may be a helpless fan of the huge eyes, mesmerising smile and choice of Brie's wardrobe, but I won't be coming back to this a second time. It's just too predictable, tiresome and unconvincing.


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