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Spiderhead (2022)

Somehow this lacks the soul of say, an Ex Machina. Now she wasn't even human, but there was more humanity in that than this.

A novel little idea spawned from The New Yorker short story is an oddity. Not cheap, with big names and questionably lofty morals at the base of its spine. Kosinski keeps this interesting, how could he not, it's catnip to the sci-fi nerds everywhere, but it doesn't stretch itself more than the simple premise, or even make you stop to think.

Not like Ex Machina, at least. I came away from that alot more nervous than when I went in. This just made me angry. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. An example of a production that didn't really need to be made, but fuck it, why not, said Netflix, I don't care what you think. A little too on the money here then, maybe, as art imitates the behemoths from which it spawned.

Neat soundtrack though. Gotta love a bit of Thomas Dolby.


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