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Spontaneous (2020)

Dark comic horror, coming-of-age love story? Spontaneous is many things, mostly sweet but occasionally sour. As their schoolfriends start to explode (literally), two seniors Mara (Kathrine Langford) and Dylan (Charlie Plummer) get together and fall in love, despite the mayhem all around them. Their love blossoms in a world where each day could be the last one they see.

"Can I tell you something?" "Yes." "I am so glad I didn't explode all over you."

This is much more than I was expecting - a mediocre schlock horror, with shoddy performances. This is much more of a treat, with solid performances, a decent story that was well paced and skilfully delivered. What promised to be a tired teenage horror yarn became something much more nuanced, much more subtle and engaging.

Recommended (strangely).


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