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Stoker Hills (2020)

Most notable for a rather brief performance from Tony Todd (Candyman) as a film studies professor, this chaotic hack-and-slash-escape-the-lunatic is unoriginal and pretty much by the now well worn numbers.

When three film students' night doesn't quite go to plan, what follows is a fight to survive the intentions of the local serial killer. Having dropped a camera at the scene of the beginning of their nightmare, it is recovered by the police who then track the clues on it, in pursuit of the abducted students and their attacker. Will they get there in time? Will we care by the time if they do?

When I say Tony Todd's performance is the high point, you begin to understand where I am going with this. Mostly told through shaky cam as the naïve as usual students attempt to flee their tormentor, it is intercut with the slow, deliberate police investigation, as though they had all the time in the world to solve the case and save the day.

Two dimensional characters with just the amount of subtlety in the script writing to make your eyes roll full circle in your head, the acting is below average throughout, the plot just the wrong side of farcical and direction which is, at its best moments, just about passable.

This is just exactly what you imagine it is. If have ever watched a survival horror escape movie, then you've already seen Stoker Hills.

Not sure who this is intended for because it lacks enough gore for the blood-thirsty or enough of anything else for the movie fan. It took two years to get here from the Spanish premiere for some reason, but the surprise is how it managed to get this far at all.

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