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Stranger Things - Season 4 - Netflix

As excited I was by the anticipation and eventual arrival of Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney+, the not quite opposite was true for arguably Netflix's most successful ever show coming back for a fourth season. Like being repeatedly prodded on a long trip by an annoying infant, didn't this take an awfully long time to not get anywhere substantial?

Somehow, I expected them all to be older by now.. They seem to have been bratty, boisterous schoolchildren for long enough. I'm sure I've seen the red-haired one playing someone's mother in something else already. I jest, but this is getting silly now.

I will persevere through the whole thing, I imagine, like I do every season, but by the end of our last visit, there was very little left to come back for. Unless there is an alarming change of fortune and the old Duffers pull out a white rabbit, I can imagine that feeling returning quite quickly. I'm expecting another slice of Apple Pie Americana with a Donnie Darko shake. We'll have to wait and see.


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