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Ted K (2021)

I would have watched this sooner, except that would have meant going to Wikipedia to find who he was. Not from these parts, see. Eventually, and because of the presence of Sharlto Copley, I got around to it as part of a concerted effort to lighten the load in my Inbox.

If he were a dog, Theodore would clearly be the type to bark at his own farts, which if nothing else, could at least be seen as curious.

You would imagine the best way to make measurable change would be to use your expensive Ivy League education to obtain some element of power to exact that change. Not go and live in a tiny little shithole in the middle of nowhere and moan to nobody about it and yet still be stupid enough to be surprised when no-one hears you. The fact they made an admittedly decent film about him proves that chaos is interesting, but little else.

Proof positive that even well-educated people can be truly dumb as a very thick plank of wood sometimes. There continues to be no substitute for common sense. Copley is convincing as someone I had never met or heard of, so can't fault the picture for authenticity, but I am confident in his skill that his performance is acceptable.

It is well shot and directed admirably, though doesn't really have a lot to say for itself in general and I'm afraid that aside from being head-spinningly helter-skelter, Ted doesn't really have much about him to engage with, much less his goals and ambitions. It may be a great biopic, but honestly, I wouldn't know.


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