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Ten Percent (Amazon Prime)

It's as if we really don't like the French at all? This very British remake (It's got Jim Broadbent and Jack Davenport in it) of the already five season deep French comedy 'Call My Agent!' would at first glance seem superfluous. Well, not if you're a bored housewife with two kids in prep and three dachshunds from Notting Hill, however. This is just us doing what the French have been doing, but doing it properly, by crikey.

It's very presence makes me feel slightly uncomfortable for taking part even as a viewer, nicking a perfectly good show, re-doing it and giving it a slightly unpalatable Twenty Twelve spin for good measure.

Even if it is truly surplus to requirements, it is no less valuable and precious. The script is tight, sharp, witty and at times caustic and brittle. The performances are all great with suitably round likeable and unlikeable characters. Very watchable and promising.


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