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The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+) (2022)

As I have a habit of doing, I have waited until the whole first season of this project has been released on Disney+ before taking it to task and giving it my full attention. I don't really like having to wait a week for each new episode. I did this with Foundation and Invasion last year, both AppleTV releases, but I will always avoid it where I can. My reactions would be somewhat diluted if I was trying to review at least part of this which was more than a month or two old but the time I commented. I wouldn't watch a movie and then leave it for two months to review and where possible, I believe the same should be true here too.

I'm happy to report that the first few episodes weren't as bad as I had been led to believe. Coming off the unmitigated luvvy-gushing for The Mandalorian meant that this was onto a hiding to nothing unless it was pretty bloody special.

Well, it didn't start out as special but improved almost immeasurably over the course of the seven episodes, but as far as Boba Fett is concerned, this is not a glowing recommendation of the series, only a few specific bits of it. These bits were undeniably excellent but to tell you which bits would ruin the surprises you will find within and the whole thing is worth sitting through just for those.

I had decided I was going to watch the whole thing, despite advice from others who had suggested there were certain episodes I would enjoy much more, and I am glad for doing so. Not because I got a greater understanding of the whole story (which I would have done anyway) but if only to reminded of average story-telling and the excellence littered within it. You can't appreciate gold if you have never seen silver, right?

This starts with Boba's escape from the Sarlac pit on Tatooine after the battle with Luke, Han and Leia aboard Jabba's sail barge. What happens next is three or four perambulatory episodes that are all girding the loins of the project for the last half of the season. Again, no spoilers here, but by this point, you start to hit paydirt and you now realise what a great idea it was to start this in the first place.

Overall, well worth your time for at least half the time.


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