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The Courier (2020)

True to life Bond-lite espionage drama with the expected glamour glaringly absent, set in the sixties and the tale of an English salesman and a Russian spying for the West. Cumberbatch executive produces this and clearly relishes the opportunity to get into Greville's shoes. Some great acting moments and just enough tension to keep you watching.

A good quality project with strong performances and decent attention to detail for the period. This is not maybe glitzy enough to capture the attention of everyone that comes across it, but its no worse for that, as that is not its aim.

There are lessons here, of loyalty and bravery, as well as love of your country as well as your family. At the same time this paints a sobering portrait of East West relations during the time of the Cuban missile crisis, which is less prevalent here compared to the stories of the individuals that are credited for surreptitiously circumnavigating World War Three.

Perfectly watchable and occasionally nail-biting. This is, despite its mostly dour running time, worthy of your attention.


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