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The Crowded Room (Apple+)

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Inspired by the real-life events involving a shooting in New York City outside the Rockefeller Center in 1979, this Apple+ limited season (ten episodes, there is not much likelihood of a second season any time soon, if ever) concentrates on the life of Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland) and his interviews with interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried).

Adapted from the non-fiction book 'The Minds of Billy Milligan' by Daniel Keyes, this often challenging psychological drama goes deep into the past, as far as childhood, with extensive flashbacks of Danny's already difficult life, even before his alleged involvement in the shooting.

The performances are strong by everyone, thankfully, as ten episodes is more than enough time to evolve the arcs of even the most complicated characters, which here is Danny himself, of course, and Tom Holland does very well shaking off his unavoidable Marvel dead weight. Most Spiderman fans will not appreciate this one bit.

To call it riveting is probably overhyping it a little too much, but you can easily do what I did and binge the entire thing in one go if you have the time, such is the anticipation and pacing of the story that never hurtles towards its denouement, instead choosing to carefully deliver its pearls piecemeal.

This comes on the back of some excellent Apple+ streaming seasons this year and it was for these reasons that I decided to take a look at this, I'm happy to say, again, that I wasn't disappointed.


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