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The Desperate Hour (2021)

I am tempted to say that this is purely for the purposes of dramatic entertainment, but some people lose their shit way too easily. Ex-wife lookie/act-a-like Naomi Watts plays a widowed mother who is out jogging when an emergency occurs at her teenage son's school.

Cue her struggle to reach said incident, grubbing about in the forest she has become lost in, twisting ankles and banging her head on rocks etc. It's safe to say this is not a good day. And despite this desperation, it's going to get worse.

Albeit with a sense of over-reaction to these eyes, this is a considered piece of drama that really only excels itself about half way in when the true nature of events really comes to light. This is a clever, uncomplicated and immersive one-hander and Watts helms it with excellent, confident ease and we're helplessly swept along with her as she struggles to reach her destination.

It requires a level of ignorance in regards to disbelief as the plot does take some liberties with truth and reality, but skirts delicately along those lines without becoming out and out ridiculous, retaining just enough authenticity to keep it believable, however unlikely.

In all a well paced, quality production with a simple plot and a main performance which is as good as any single-hander you've seen since Thomas Hardy in Locke. It's not The Impossible by far, but incredulity aside, this is still recommended.


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