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The Exorcism of Hannah Stevenson (2022)

...or, depending where you hail from, the Suppression of Hannah Stevenson. Either way, this micro-budget (£10,000 est) blink and you'll miss it (75mins) effort from writer/director Jason Parker is an example of not being able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, regardless of your best intentions.

There is a good reason that decent actors get paid loads of money, and that's because they are good at it. Occasionally you might just come across an actor that has unbelievably low self-esteem or a very aggressive crack habit that might work for next to nothing, but aside from this minority, you tend to get what you can pay for.

The same is true for for every other member of your crew. If your ability to gather together a bunch of low/non paid talent, then this is normally for goodwill and/or experience. That therefore suggests a lack of experience. This shows whether you like it or not. And it shows here.


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