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The Flight Attendant - Season Two

Kaley Cuoco is back with her madcap mystery. After avoiding alcohol for nearly a year, she is still a Flight Attendant for Imperial, but has also undertaken a 'civilian' role for the CIA. This essentially means following but not engaging persons of interest. Her jet-set lifestyle makes this a little more manageable for the role and in the first episode of this new season, she is sent to Berlin to keep an eye on a CIA informant.

All does not go to plan, however, and the 'not engagement' part of her role falls by the wayside early on. When the informant meets a grisly end, the rollercoaster we were all familiar with from Season One starts to kick into gear again and some truly odd things start to happen.

Only a couple of episodes in so far, and Cuoco (who is also Executive Producer) is as appealing and bonkers as she was the first time around. Having to get into skittish mode without the assistance of alcohol was going to be a push, but the script and Cuoco herself both mange to do it admirably. This promises to be quite the ride, even early on, and promises much more to come.


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