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The Free Fall (2021)

Snappy little horror yarn coming in at under ninety minutes. It won't set the world on fire, but it is a less than obvious take on a well-worn horror trope. You'll need to see it to understand what I mean without giving away the only real spoiler that's contained within the story here.

After the death of her parents and her subsequent suicide attempt, Sara (Andrea Londo) struggles to recall her memories of the events when being nursed back to health by doting, if overbearing, husband Nick (Shawn Ashmore) and hired help Rose (Jane Badler).

As it transpires, everything in the garden is not rosy in the least and Londo's depiction of a young woman innocently on the edge of something she doesn't understand becomes more obvious as the story, such as it is, moves forward. The performances by all, in fact, are not terrible, but never truly accomplished, with maybe the exception of Badler's Rose, whose acid tongue and scornful demeanour are probably the highlight as far as the acting goes.

Even given the short duration there is alot of time where nothing happens of any note and Sara's unravelling takes longer than it should, coming to head near a frenetic last ten minutes or so, where we get our much needed closure and the twist, which is by now, almost expected.

Could have been worse, but as I say, this won't ruffle any feathers and is quite forgettable enough to not have been sure you've seen it within a month or two.


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