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The Green Knight (2021)

New take on an old fantasy. In medieval England, Arthurian legend tells the story of Sir Gawain and his quest to face The Green Knight and the story of what happened in the twelve months between their two meetings.

Lavish and uncompromising, certainly, but you get the impression that writer/director Lowery is the biggest fan of this story, rather then hoping to get those that watch it to become as entranced by the story as he is.

Having watched A Ghost Story in 2017, entranced by Lowery's skilful approach, I was expecting much the same here, with vast, yawning chasms of contemplation, Lowery is not scared of silence and employs it with a spade, to the point of tiresome, it feels.

His prowess for demonstrating otherworldly is as impressive here as in previous projects and you can be forgiven for sitting slack-jawed in wonderment on occasion, as he truly has some sights to show you, in his own particular way.

Not the thrill-a-minute you may have been hoping for, but compelling in its own more patient aspects, with attention to detail deserving of your viewing, even if only the once.


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