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The In Between (2022)

In my experience, not many young women are a classic example of dyed-in-the-wool romantics. It is usually the male of the species that are found helplessly gushing over their love for their partner, after the fact. True, death will make this feel different, but grief is very similar to loss, whether your loss is deceased or just plain absent.

When Tessa (King) comes round after a nasty car accident, we find out that her boyfriend, Skylar, has been killed. We learn through carelessly assorted flashbacks about how they met and how perfect Tessa thinks Skylar is for her. Just typical then that he has to be so inconsiderate as to die, ruining her immediate life and dreams of a perfect love.

However, this love appears to be so strong as to cross the paranormal divide, with messages seemingly coming from Skylar from the eternal beyond. This should come as no surprise, of course, this was true love. Mere reality couldn't hold it back.

Tessa - "It's not a crime to fall out of love sometimes." Skylar - "Love never dies."

Now at this point you're supposed to swoon, I assume, but really, that response gave me chills and I think your stance on love will depend on how you react to it. I just wonder if the film-makers gave that notion as much thought.


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