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The Invitation (2022)

Now, now, it's a bit Twilight meets Fifty Shades of Grey at times. Not the first movie about a mostly innocent woman being flown over by the rich and infamous in the UK, for purposes that were not quite as clear as they were led to believe.

Samara Weaving was on the receiving end last time I looked in Ready Or Not, but she gave as good as she got. And then some.

This time, Nathalie Emmanuel (already English, just saying) gets the same treatment on a trip to meet her previously unknown and madly monied family (old money, so literally the whole bunch of inbreds have to be certifiable), discovered by a DNA test (who puts DNA tests in their goody bags at parties?).

Naturally, this pretty New York artist is overwhelmed by this group of people who cannot seem to do enough for her and the amorous attention from sexy jawline Walt, sorry, Lord Walt, has her all a bit too fluttery.

Predictable and uninspiring really and beneath the talents lending themselves to this for as long as it took to make it. There's a distinct possibility that they will as keen as us to forget it too. Not a disaster in the least, but nothing you haven't seen done before, and better. It doesn't bear close scrutiny, not that you will be moved to care too much about events on screen to begin with.


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