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The Killer (2023)

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As much as Se7en is routinely grim throughout, this was cold by comparison. Much simpler than I was expecting, this 'know your enemy' fable is something to wallow in from Fincher.

I liked the irony of an assassin walking into a killer's home to mete out his revenge, and to do it so calmly. Can't beat a resting heart rate that this man enjoys, really.

Surprising, when all he listens to is The Smiths. Don't get me wrong, I love Morrissey and the boys, but you do get kind of get the reason why he ended up a soulless (mostly) murderer for profit. He's probably a vegetarian, I expect. It also takes away some of the magic when the soundtrack comes from the lad who used to live just up the road.

Great performances, especially from Fassbender, who is charismatically helter-skelter in a mildly stoned fashion and Tilda Swinton, who is reliably glorious as always. As I said, I was expecting something more than 'bad man gets crossed and wreaks bloody havoc as payback.' Seems a bit obvious from Fincher and dare I say it, a little too easy?

Take nothing from it, it does look stunning and Fincher's watermark is all over it, even if I expected maybe a bit more rain. A very easy watch indeed and Fassbender literally shines on screen these days, given the right vehicle. Recommended for fans of a gritty thriller, but don't expect too much story or even a challenge, because there isn't much of either.

Like I said, good for a proper cinematic wallow.


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