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The Man From Toronto (2022)

On reflection, yes, Jason Statham would have made more sense. But only just. He isn't naturally very funny and Toronto takes a little more range than just angry assassin. So perhaps Harrelson was a better choice.

This dropped by surprise (to me at least) yesterday and are as far as casting was concerned, the fact that Dwayne Johnson wasn't involved, was the most noticeable thing about it.

A first act of mixed messages and identities just becomes more and more explosive (quite literally) when the little man gets helplessly involved with a notorious and mysterious contract killer. Through a series of misadventures and carefully choreographed happenstance, the two are forced to work together to survive an increasingly ludicrous plot.

It is never enthralling any more than boring and it is unlikely to be remembered as anything more than elevator music. The script is very weak even if the pacing is acceptable and performances are good enough for what is demanded. Engaging enough, but you're never really close to being on the edge of your seat.


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