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The Portable Door (2023)

Whilst I'm sure once child prodigy Tom Holt would be delighted to finally see the adaptation, I wonder, after the fact, exactly what he made of it. Writers, in my experience, require a very definite vision of their creations and being quite so unusual, it would be a very simple oversight to let this get away from the film-maker to such an extent that it strays so far from the original work as to be unrecognisable to its creator.

I imagine that Holt would be concerned. This is a curiosity. Coming across as fantasy by scattergun. A simple title, as if drawn from a magical hat of ideas, developed where many others may have proved to be more worthy, with an admittedly eclectic cast of recognisable talent, all on that same quirky, irreverent page, directed by Jeffrey Walker, whose work mainly resides in TV.

Not quite sure where it wants to settle, The Portable Door flirts with Fantastic Beasts and a more amiable episode of The Twilight Zone. Paul, the apparently gifted, yet completely ordinary new intern at this very odd London based company, is tasked with finding the titular door, which takes him on the adventure we are presented with here.

This sits just on the wrong side of silly, if we're honest, where it really needed not only a bit more magic and wonder, but also less comic elements. Holt is known for such characterisation, so it should really comes as no surprise, but I'm not sure just how well this lends itself to the screen, being so overloaded with such an abundance of froth.


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