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The Power of the Dog (2021)

Finally got around to this as I was in no real hurry because I generally don't sit well for Westerns, so I was glad to be told that this wasn't one. It has cowboys and cows in it, set in Montana, so how is this not a western?

Cumberbatch takes a break from all of his strange marvelousness to get a bit grubby and unpleasant in Jane Campion's latest project, joining real-life couple Jessie Plemons and Kirsten Dunst for a good ol' time a rustlin', castratin' and playing the banjo.

Now as good as the acting inarguably is, this was still a tiresome bore. A little after the hour I had already had enough of Campion's dithering and pussy-footing about the place, practically frothing at the bit for something to happen other than the regular displays of homo-eroticism.

This is languid in extremis in the worst way. When you are not into something to begin with, to have your entirely ambivalent nature tested by drawn out unnecessary nonsense that often had little value or true purpose feels like hitting yourself repeatedly in the face with a plastic tray.

I mean it's like asking Stephen Graham to separate six family sized bag of Skittles into colours with one thumb up his arse. Sure you can watch it, but do you really need to?

Never trust the quiet ones. Who knows where they get their hula hoops.

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